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APPA’s Charitable Medical Clinic

We are here for saving lives that caught up with health disaster to lead healthy lives. We are ready to face all the challenges of providing health care to vulnerable people living in the most difficult, forgotten corners in the world.

APPA’s Charitable Food Restaurant

Getting a proper meal everyday has become a challenge among the needy and under privilege in current situation. Thus in APPA’s we serve to the mankind by providing healthy and balanced food for all the needy.

APPA’s Charitable Meditation Centre

Meditation is a universal practice of concentrated focus of body, mind and soul to uplift of health, reduces stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.


APPA as a single organization will serve the critical category of services which can only be successfully rendered with industrious and dedicated selfless servitors for the benefits of the under privileged and down trodden poor, through different channels and means. The very basic operational apparatus will be Free Medical Clinics (which is already in operation), eat to your heart’s content Restaurant, Educational Aids, facilities and tools, Humanitarian Aids and disaster relief facilities, and most importantly but not the least free meditation centers with a special soothing environment for relaxation of mind and body.


was registered on January 2017 by our charismatic Dr. Solomon Rajandran, who with his intellectual capacity, astuteness from experience and exposure, had earlier, founded in December 2008, a very well known and internationally recognized children’s home or Ashram known as Batu Grace Ashram. Housed in this Ashram are 84 unfortunate innocent children, whom appa (Rajandran) individually showers love providing all their needs and want. The success and growth of this home has spread internationally through out several countries. .

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