About Us

All Persons Providence Association (APPA), was registered on January 2017 by our charismatic Dato' Dr. Solomon Rajandran Phd (Psy), who with his intellectual capacity, astuteness from experience and exposure, had earlier, founded in December 2008, a very well known and internationally recognized children’s home or Ashram known as Batu Grace Ashram. Housed in this Ashram are 84 unfortunate innocent children, whom appa (Rajandran) individually showers love providing all their needs and want. The success and growth of this home has spread internationally through out several countries.

With this background, and with his intellectual capacity, astuteness from experience and exposure, that came from keen observation he was eager to widen the scope of his welfare services and therefore instituted an organization with a wider perceptive known as All Persons Providence Association or in short form “APPA”.

Vision and Mission

The vision is to promulgate and propagate world wide APPAS charity and welfare services and the uplift of our children, teenagers and young citizens into a responsible, dedicated and honest citizens.
It is the dream of the founder that every hook and corner of our universe will know, appreciate and above all join forces to contribute for the betterment of our world, and simultaneously strech out to all and every human beings in need of such humanitarian aid by focusing on :

• (a) love – Appa will play the key role and model to express, share, shower and instill ones inner feelings of love.
• (b) Kindness- via examples express the type and feeling of kindness to be expressed or shared or given to another. Such feeling will emerge from teachings by APPA.
• Charity – The work of APPA will not be complete if charitable works i.e. give generously in kind, goods, deed, expression, and of course selfless and tired less efforts for the benefit of another human being, with love.
• Generosity – Coupled with charity is generosity, which APPA intends passionately to freely hand out worldwide immaterial of all races, ethnics, religion or sexes, without fervor or favor either by cash and of course worldly goods with love, and sympathetic feelings to reach out to the under privileged hard core, needy poor.

The final goal aimed to reach is ultimately the people attaining the “3 H” i.e. happiness, health, and heights

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